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Monday, December 22, 2003

Got the movie Labyrinth on dvd today. Great movie! Brings back memories. Has been a long time since I saw that movie. Great performance of Jennifer Connelly, loved her also in Requiem for a Dream. It is such a beautiful woman.
Anyway, Labyrinth is a wonderful movie and I wondered what happened to the babyboy in the movie. Turns out it is Toby Froud and his parents are magnificent artists, his father created together with Jim Henson (muppets!!) the film The Dark Crystal and collaborated on Labyrinth.
His mother is a sculptor and one of her most famous designs is Yoda whom we of course all know of Star Wars and she made several puppets for Labyrinth. Brian Froud also made a book with Alan Lee, Faeries, and Alan Lee we all know from his drawings of the world of Lord of the Rings, so it all comes together :D They all live in Devon a magical part of England with enough fairy magic in the air :) Nowadays Toby is an artist himself. See for work and more info about the Froud family their website: World of Froud. I love faerytales!!

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