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Wiiii pricing

Friday, September 15, 2006

Thank you Eurogamer.net for updating so promptly, without even pressing F5/ refresh, we knew what was going on at the Nintendo conference almost to the second Iwata was telling it. I felt like being there...


Nintendo Wii: Europe launch : 8 December (1 year and 6 days after Xbox 360 launch)
€ 249, -
White Bundle, One Wiimote, one Nunchuck, Wii Sports

And yes!! Zelda Twilight Princess is a launchtitle!

Can't wait!
Nothing bout the new console though. *sighs* Ninty!!


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Nintendo conference going

Following the live report from Eurogamer.net now.. So exciting!!

But what...

"In the very near future we'll be launching another console that will go even further in making games accessible and fun for everyone."

*gasps* waits....

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PS3 doom

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Omg... I wasn't very positive about the release of the Playstation 3, as I certainly didn't believe the release would actually be in November this year and hey what do you know... today the word came out... Europe won't get their hands on a Pal version of the big Ufo before March 2007. Sigh.

You would almost think there aren't any gamers in Europe, period. How come we always get the goods last? Bah.

Long live Wiiiiiii.

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