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Zelda gba

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Oh my look at this!:

(via Zelda Universe Network)

Nice! Although gold is not exactly my color...

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Digra CFP! + website up!

Saturday, September 18, 2004

Yesterday DiGRA put up the Call for Papers for their next conference. The conference will be held next (late) Spring in Vancouver and is titled: Changing Views: Worlds in Play (see also another post of mine for the announcement).

Proposals can be submitted to the submission part of the site. The abstracts deadline is November 15th and the paper deadline is March 15th.

Seems like the conference site is also up (or is it a proposal? it's not hosted on the gamesconference site yet (the old one is gone by the way)...we'll see). It's a cool flash site and lots of info can be found there. They also seem to have a Game Fest, just like last year. Part of the conference will also be a game exhibition, hopefully somewhat better facilitated than last year, by the looks of it, it is... This time it will be an "Electronic Game Experience" and it will "include samples from all the key gaming genres and will concentrate on those "canonical" games that have attracted the most interest in the research community" and it features a timeline.

Hmm this proposal site looks with regards to content a lot like the one from last year (exhibition, gamefest, webcast, tournament, content from delegate packs etc.). The format was that good last year? Or maybe it still is a proposal...

Anyway, I hope I can go the conference again. And this time I mean to fully enjoy it. But... no paper proposal, hopefully graduated by that time and probably no job thus no money... I see my chances of going there shrinking by the minute... if anyone feels like putting money in my piggy bank... ;)

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Interview Julian Oliver

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Nice interview with Julian Oliver from Selectparks over at Terra Nova. Julian is, among other things an artist working with game technology. He has several (interesting) projects. Last year he showed Acmipark 'a multiplayer 3D persistent world that recreates the architecture of Federation Square in virtual space' at the Level Up conference. Acmipark combines game elements, multi-player (as public space) and is een extension of a real world place. Go check it out at the Acmipark site. This is just one of many projects of Julian. Take a look at the selectparks site, it's really worth the trip! It has lots of info on and links to art games, mods, political games etc.

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The Video Game Revolution

Monday, September 06, 2004

It's actually a tv show but they did a pretty good job on the site: "The Video Game Revolution".

About the show:
"The Video Game Revolution examines the evolution and history of the video game industry, from the 1950s through today, the impact of video games on society and culture, and the future of electronic gaming."

The site features four parts: a 'history of gaming' (with interactive timeline!) with also best and worst games according to some notable gamers such as Seamus Blackley and Steven Kent. 'Inside the games' with personal gaming stories(realplayer format) and 'how a game is made'.
'Impact of gaming' has essays on games, even one from Henry Jenkins. It also has a small list with books on video games (like the classic Joystick Nation, and Trigger Happy). The last part is 'The Arcade' where you can take some quizzes and play games.

Yep they sure did their homework right! They were smart enough not to put some boring site up there with just information about the show. They really put an effort in it and make it a site worth going to with lots of information and fun anecdotes. Thumbs up!

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Wired Anime article

Sunday, September 05, 2004

Over at Wired a nice piece on anime. It covers history of anime and the big three : Miyzaki (really, really love his work!), Oshii and Otomo. If you're not too familiar with anime... it's a nice introduction! Go read it now! *click*

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