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Ninty's DS goes adultish

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Today Nintendo officially announced the DS. It has a new (more mature) look and is now officially named Nintendo DS. I would have bought the E3 version:

DS old look

But hey, I will settle for this newer, slicker look, reminds me less of those Game&Watches (although they were very cool), probably can compete more with the PSP and its 'adult' audience.
here is the new look (it seems to have larger buttons and stereo sound):

DS New Look DS New Look

via Engadget

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'new' blogger on tha block

Frans Mäyra, President of the DiGRA also joined the gamebloggers 'mob' a while ago. Good to know (other) 'research' people actually play games ;) (otherwise, where would the fun be?) Frans goes blog

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Green is tha color!

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

What did you say? Pokemon? Emerald? A GREEN gameboy advance?? I... must... have!

thx to Portagame

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100th post

Sunday, July 25, 2004

Yep, that's right, this is my 100th post! And I'm still here, with ups and downs of course. Was thinking: 'what should I do with this 100th post?' I had champagne and cake ready, and thought i should make it a memorable post, but hell with it, i've got no inspiration so all I can do for now is a link, an oldie goldie, but still extremely funny:
Green Leaves (watch the clip)

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Thursday, July 22, 2004

As you can see on my right...there are a lot of gameblogs either dealing with 'serious' issues or just ranting and/or bringing hot news. Via the Gamesnetwork mailing list I received a mail where Toby Hede announced Gameblogs.org, 'a blog aggregation site for game-related blogs with a focus on serious Game Research, Theory and Industry Issues'. The blog contains links to gameblogs and also excerpts from recent posts through RSS feeds. It certainly is a useful site, thx Toby!

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Voldo, the dancing..uh.. thing?

well, I keep seeing references to this piece everywhere (they're like mushrooms!), wouldn't want to put it up here 'cos everyone probably had seen it by now, but it's too funny and too well 'choreographed' to keep it from the lone soul that visits my blog and maybe just maybe doesn't go through all the sites I myself visit. What am I talking about? ....Dancing Voldo's of course! Yep, that's right, a character from Soul Calibur who's doing a dance with his second self (what would Freud think of that?). Anyway it's really nicely done and it will definitely bring a smile to your face (a freaked-out one maybe, but a smile).

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Monday, July 19, 2004

Darn! I want that new iPod! This weekend it was buzzing all around (see how it unfolded at Engadget here, here and here and at Gizmodo) and today it's on the site of Apple itself: press release and tech specs. Our 3rd Gen iPods aren´t even there anymore... sniffle.
The thing has a click wheel (just as the iPod Mini), 12-hour battery life (mine supposed to have 8), easy Shuffle mode (I always use shuffle) and above all...it's cheaper and slimmer! Wonderful. I want one!!

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blogging troubles

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I feel I should blog something again.... but I can't seem to get myself around to do it...

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New Bag

Sunday, July 04, 2004

wooo I couldn't help myself.... but when browsing around a shop, I noticed a bag which seemed to be made just for me, exactly the right colour combination and perfect dimensions (needed something to carry A4 formatted things in). I really had to have the bag, couldn't sleep. It took me a week though, to really convince myself (well and a little help from my friends) that I needed that specific bag (I could have gone for a cheaper and less cooler model of course). So I finally bought the bag, can't buy anything for a while now, but hey sacrifices have to be made...

So here it is:

Those Freitag bags are really, really cool. They're made of truck tarpaulins, car seatbelts and bicycle innertubes. Every product is thus unique. And although those bags haven't really conquered the streets around here (you do get to see more and more of them lately), the company is well known in Europe and the bags are all over Europe and supposedly are very trendy. The two Freitag brothers who came up with the idea, are based in Zurich, Switzerland and have flagship stores in Switzerland and Germany. They also created a top-notch and hip website, which gives customers the opportunity to customize their own bags from shown tarpaulins and where a preview of the final product is shown. For a better analysis go to the brandchannel. But you should go visit the Freitag site itself.

Anyway I'm very happy with my bag, finally I can take my thesis stuff with me in a cool bag, instead of that dull backpack...

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E3 Booth Babes pov's

Thursday, July 01, 2004

over at Gamecritics.com an article on booth babes at the E3. But this time the author actually talks to the 'babes' and asks them how they perceive the E3 and this mob of males who are walking around scanning for booth babes trying to get their pictures taken with them.

some quotes to get you warmed up:

'I ask if she's comfortable with so many guys posing with her. "It's weird when they put their arms around me," she replies, "but then I feel them shaking and I'm like, whatever, if it's so important to you . . . it's funny when guys come up to me and tell me that it's their first time touching a girl."

And: 'She is more than happy to talk with me as we move off to one side, out of the busy aisle. "Wow, no one's ever asked us anything before," she says.'

The article itself shows that those so called babes are certainly not dumb cows (well, not all of them anyway), and they do have an opinion, some even play games themselves. Me myself wouldn't want to get caught in such scarcely clothed positions. Don't think it will do the industry much good either, except for the nerdy pimpled-face guys who actually don't get to see that much flesh in normal life (oh and how stereotyped is that?). Anyway some good conversation on booth babes at Vesterblog and some great pictures (gender) at gewgaw.

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