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blogging troubles

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

I feel I should blog something again.... but I can't seem to get myself around to do it...

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 14/7/04 00:34 |  

    I know how you feel Cyberzel. Take a break, smell the flowers and the fresh air. Then blast your way back into cyberspace with you cool take on all things gamelike ;)

    .: Tore :: http://vesterblog.dk :.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 16/7/04 15:44 |  

    Common... POST POST POST!!! :-P. Sorry, too much coffee, too much Painkiller (the game) and too much no-holiday-just-yet... (dave from gamespace.nl refusing to get a bloggeraccount)

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 20/7/04 00:20 |  

    haha, thx Tore, I will

    oh and Dave, too much coffee...bad for your health... and my ears ;)

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