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mail storage wars

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

In the wake of Gmail, Yahoo! Mail has decided to upgrade all of their free accounts, now I've got 100MB storage for my email, so now I'm on six percent of my limit while only yesterday I was fourteen percent over it... how wonderful.

Since I have more than one Yahoo! mail account I already noticed a difference in the storage limit... One I have for a couple of years already and there the limit was (up until yesterday) 6MB, the account I created for this blog had only 4MB, so it seems they changed storage space over the years, gave new users less space, but Gmail changed all that... now we just have to wait for Hotmail to upgrade their accounts... Oh well, I am happy with my 1GB storage at Gmail and my 100MB at Yahoo! Mail. :D
By the way, Yahoo! Mail also offers a paid mail account. For only $19.99 a year you can have 2GB of storage space...they're even surpassing storage of Gmail.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 16/6/04 15:55 |  

    Wow! i hadn't even noticed that my yahoo account has been upgraded to 100MB as well, nice! It kinda makes you wonder where all this storage space comes from all of a sudden though, i mean it's quite a big leap, from 4 to a hundred. Has gmail forced them into desperate measures, or did they have the space & bandwith all along and were basically just a bunch of tightarses in only offering a few megs..? In any case it almost seems like gmail really is too good to be true, not just its own service but also in its influence? Or is it? As of yet i haven't really made up my mind about it, cos all of that sound pretty creepy indeed, yet how come i still haven't seen *any* ads in my gmail account then!??
    & thus we wonder on...

    - B.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 21/6/04 17:44 |  

    Yeah I was wondering about the sudden space increase too, curious how they will handle all that.
    Wow that link you gave sure give me the creeps about gmail.. *wonders if she should keep using it* I did see some ads showing up at some of my mail though. The gmail issues kinda make me think of discussions surrounding Orkut. A friend tried to send me an invitation a couple of days ago and I was ready to accept it but the system was out of order or something which kept the invitation from arriving at my mailbox. I started thinking about the discussions I remembered around Orkut and suddenly was a bit hesitant to accept the invitation. Did some googling and still not sure about accepting it. Don't think I want to be linked to a friend from a friend from an acquaintance and so forth. bit creepy, especially since they ask all kinds of personal stuff when you want to sign up... *shivers*

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 22/6/04 10:02 |  

    yeah those communities aren't my kinda thing either *lurker* but i'm still in two minds about gmail. although i must say that since my last comment i did finally see some ads in my account, but only next to the gmail welcome mail. perhaps because that was in english, and the rest of my messages arent? the privacy & abuse issues will remain questionable i guess, but i think that creepy site, even though they may very well be right, is missing the point in a bit concerning themselves just with gmail. i think a lot of the statements they make could very well apply to any (webbased?) email service. so as of yet i'm still not too worried about gmail in particular, just a bit paranoid about the internet in general :-S
    also, i had trouble getting a friend to accept one of my invitations too, and it turns out we're not the only one! apparently hotmail doesn't like gmail very much so they won't allow the invitations, they just make them disappear. now, that's not very nice is it...? still, it worked out in the end as there are ways around this of course, but if it weren't just a coincidence and hotmail and others are really stooping to such measures...to put it bluntly; that sucks!

    - b.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 24/6/04 13:19 |  

    cyberzel wrote:
    "now we just have to wait for Hotmail to upgrade their accounts"

    and here it is: in july hotmail's joining in too, offering 250MB for free or 2GB paid.
    i wonder who'll be jumping the bandwagon next ;-)


  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 5/7/04 22:58 |  

    ha, yeah we could just wait for that to happen...but still wondering where all that space is coming from...the cheapskates...

    you're right about the statements, those can indeed apply to all webbased mail. Me too, paranoid about the internet in general. But I am less of a lurker than I used to be, getting to be a participant more and more. But still not sure what to do with the Orkut invitation...

    - C.

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