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Retro and w(ii)eee gadgets

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Well so much for posting something every week... Been busy working, teaching and of course my all-time favourite game WoW asked for some attention as well.

Last week a friend of mine came to me and brought a present, and what a lovely present it was! You remember I wanted that My Katamari case for the PSP? Well... I got it now! *cheers* It's not a hardcase like I thought but it's green and very prince-like! Love it.

And th
at was not the only good stuff that I received over the last couple of weeks. First an import shipment and great goodies: The dot pin figure of Link (see above picture).

And stage figures, cool stages where you can drop magnets on and make your own versions of Super Mario Bros!
Those are the Stage Figure 2 sets, I've got the first one on the upper-left. And several magnets of course.

I also got these two new music games for the P
SP. Or new.. one is rather old but now has (sort of) a sequel to the PS2 version: Gitaroo Man lives! I have the Japanese version and I like it a lot, except for the battle sequences, that feels more like buttonbashing than rhythm to me. The analogue stick works well for following the lines, and if I could just.. just, survive level four...

The other music/rhythm game is DJ Max Portable. A bit like Beatmania but without the scratch table of course. The game gets rather tough from the start, I can survive seven stages but after that it gets too much. And that's only on ea
sy mode! It got cool tracks, different styles (techno, breakbeat, K-Pop) and several adjustable settings. It also got several music videos (all anime style) and the soundtrack. If I had known there is also a collector's edition of this game... Nah would cost a bit too much, and the DS lite is coming too!

Talk about the DS lite... I'm still training my brain.. and I'm currently...thirty-seven.. *blush* And I have to admit, I train everyday but I'm afraid to do the braintest again... imagine my brain got even older! No siree, I don't think so. So thirty-seven it is.

The last thing I want to share is... I am the proud owner of a Macbook Pro! Hell yeah! The ultimate design and I can even play WoW in the garden! Not that I got the Macbook for just that of course....erm.. I think? Anyways, it looks great but it takes some time getting used to the
configuration and button layout and such. But... I'm so happy!!

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