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A New GameBoy! And Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 25, 2004

A New GameBoy (or was it Wonder boy?) has arrived and it is called Eskild. Yes you can see it overhere. Congrats Tore!

Another friend of mine had a son as well this month, so congratz Deavy! It's a good year ;)

And of course Merry Christmas to you all!

Katamari Damacy Merry Christmas!

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Roller Controller

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Over the last couple of weeks The Netherlands had a show called (my translation) 'The best idea of The Netherlands'. It is a yearly innovation competition for students from (industrial) design.

Students got the opportunity to show their designs and ideas to a professional jury. In a weekly TV-show the students could show their ideas/products and were reviewed by the jury. In the final show the winner was chosen by the Dutch viewers. Why am I mentioning this here?

Because the winning idea/product was the Roller Controller (no not the one from CD-I Philips). The Controller is a new way to play computer games. The winner's reasoning was that kids are spending a lot of time playing computer games which leaves the kids without much physical exercise. So they came up with the Roller Controller: a 'skippyball' on which the player has to sit and by moving his legs and arms en his body, he can play the game. Several companies have already shown some interest in the Roller Controller. The winners got a prize money of 10,000 Euros and assistance with further developing the design and bringing the product on the market.

I really like the idea. Although things you can do with the controller are limited, I can see it happening. I do think that as with the Eyetoy, certain games should be developed for the Roller Controller. So Sony, Nintendo... do your thing!

Here some pics of the Roller Controller and the vision of its designers:

Roller Controller!!

Roller Controller!!
Roller Controller!!

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1 year! where to go next?

Sunday, December 19, 2004

supercalafragilisticexpealodious! It's finally there! the one year anniversary of this gamemind blog! Happy! I started out with this blog a year ago with no expectations of how long I would keep updating, and I'm still here! I'm not gonna give you an overview of what I have written over the past months or how this should look in the future, or maybe... maybe a layout makeover (love makeovers of every kind) and more updates again (it got a bit of an effort lately).
Blogging is fun but it is time consuming and sometimes a bit of an undertaking. It is also rewarding and a nice way to see what I've been up to in all those months. And of course it is nice to get comments on your posts and linked to from other blogs, so hopefully in the future even more of that ^_^.
Anyways, more on games, me playing games, gadgets, books and more in the future! Let's blog!

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So much to blog....

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

... so little time. A lot has happened the last couple of weeks, but I have not really had time to blog about it. Meanwhile the NDS and the PSP are out and here in Europe we still have to wait *sad*. But! I have had the joyous moment of holding the NDS of this certain energetic person. I can tell you that was a happy moment. And one day, one day a NDS will be called mine and I will share lots of happy moments with friends and pictochat! And now I should find someone who has a PSP, because that too... should be in my hands! In the mean time I will try to entertain myself with the beautiful and brilliant Zelda game for the GBA: The Minish Cap. Or actually I should finally go to that endboss instead of trying to find all those Kinstones. And I have lost myself in the wonderful world of Symphonia. I have been in there for over 18 hours and it still finds ways to surprise me.
O this terrible Christmas time! too many games await me, and I have so little money (oh yes, that trip to Denmark...it cost me a fortune... but it was worth it) so I should wait for sale to start and for me to find a job which is fun and which would let the gald rolling in (in my dreams!). Free games would also be an option...anyone?

and now I should dive into Japanese (music) game culture because I have a seminar presentation (in Dutch) Friday (which is going to be fun! Pop' N Music will rule the world!). Anyone any suggestions? Of course this Power Up book of Chris Kohler would probably help a lot, unfortunately I didn't know it was out already until recently. But I certainly will try to get my hands on a copy of it. Would love to read it!

oh yes and my thesis... a deadline is on this Friday...will there be any sleep?

Coming soon: pictures of Copenhagen, ITU, little Mermaid, game researchers, MMOPG, Other Players, Early Years Ph.D course and much much more, just have to find myself a nice free gallery sort of thingy with lots of space....

and hopefully soon more updates again with gadgets, links, memes, other stuff from the blogosphere and all that kind of stuff.

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reminder to self

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Now at the Other Players conference (which just finished by the way) so a short update, actually it is not even an update, it's more of a reminder to self because the inspiration!! When I'm back home I will probably reflect more on this week in Copenhagen. for now: Go to Torill's blog who has been blogging about the conference: Thinking with my fingers

Her blog also pointed at the Ph.D thesis of Elena Bertozzi, which seems to be (at a glance) of interest for my own thesis. So that's the reminder to self.

More on the Early Years Ph.D course and the Other Players conference later. I'm going to enjoy the conference dinner now at the DGI- Byen.

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