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Roller Controller

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Over the last couple of weeks The Netherlands had a show called (my translation) 'The best idea of The Netherlands'. It is a yearly innovation competition for students from (industrial) design.

Students got the opportunity to show their designs and ideas to a professional jury. In a weekly TV-show the students could show their ideas/products and were reviewed by the jury. In the final show the winner was chosen by the Dutch viewers. Why am I mentioning this here?

Because the winning idea/product was the Roller Controller (no not the one from CD-I Philips). The Controller is a new way to play computer games. The winner's reasoning was that kids are spending a lot of time playing computer games which leaves the kids without much physical exercise. So they came up with the Roller Controller: a 'skippyball' on which the player has to sit and by moving his legs and arms en his body, he can play the game. Several companies have already shown some interest in the Roller Controller. The winners got a prize money of 10,000 Euros and assistance with further developing the design and bringing the product on the market.

I really like the idea. Although things you can do with the controller are limited, I can see it happening. I do think that as with the Eyetoy, certain games should be developed for the Roller Controller. So Sony, Nintendo... do your thing!

Here some pics of the Roller Controller and the vision of its designers:

Roller Controller!!

Roller Controller!!
Roller Controller!!

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  1. Blogger Mirjam Palosaari-Eladhari | 7/1/05 01:07 |  

    Hope it gets developed for grown-ups too!

    and: Hi! Nice seeing u in CPH!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 9/1/05 14:39 |  

    Yeah I hope so to!

    hey and thx! welcome to my blog and nice having you seen in CPH too! Had a wonderful time ^_^


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