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Game Preservation

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Currently trying to set something up for game preservation. I came across the Gameology emulation blog post from Laurie, which asks the question: when is emulation enough?
Myself I appreciate the emulation scene to preserve games that way, as digitalizing through emulation saves a lot of space and issues with hardware compatibility. Personally I prefer however the game as it was originally perceived, which means as much the visuals as the playability. A game is not only the graphics mixed with the gameplay, it is also the materiality of the hardware it is played on. My preference has probably also to do with my preference of perceiving a game not as something that is played with the mind alone but also with the physical body. Differences in controls, control schemes makes for different bodily actions. Every gameplatform has its own materiality one way or the other, disregarding that is throwing part of the game experience into the bin.

The IGDA has a special interest group (SIG) dealing with game preservation. More about it can be read at the igda wiki.

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Hello new geekgirl!

Friday, February 08, 2008

Ohh never saw a connection between Boingboings Cory Doctorow and Wonderland's Alice... but seems they have been an 'item' for quite some time now, resulting in this wonderful little 'mutant' as they call it. Congrats both of you! That's gotta turn out to be one helluva tech-savy, home-knitting, gadgetminded, writing, amazing girl. Hurray!

Oh and check out this brilliant Little Big Planet puppet. I soooo love it! Even after just having a lil' mutant Alice still managed to pick this one out.

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Wii rip-offs

Everyone wants to dip into the success of the Wii. And no I'm not talking about the Sixaxis controller of the Playstation 3, but the 'cheap' versions of the actual Wii. In the Netherlands a gameconsole got released called the "Vimax", 50 Euros for a crap computer with a 'vimote' that registers some movement but is not really sensitive to all your movements, images are not even vaguelly resembling some trademarked characters, but seem to be blatantly copied: Jerry and Donkey Kong anyone?
You can watch a review of the Vimax at Gamekings (for the dutchies).

A seemingly cheap copy of the Wii got reviewed by Kotaku and seemed actually not that bad. Love the reviewers accent and way of reviewing, made me chuckle. Oh and wait till the endbit when the plastic cover is taken off, amazing what is actually inside of it! Watch it here:
Kotaku: Chinese Wii Rip off.

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Thursday, February 07, 2008

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