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Second Skin

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yet another documentary about players that are absorbed in virtual worlds one way or another. Somehow these documentaries always leave me with a somewhat awkward feeling afterwards. Of course I'm an avid WoW player and I feel rather normal, but these documentaries seem to have found the categories of players that are just a bit off. How will it ever be a legitimate way of spending time (like watching television, reading a book, go bowling etc) in ordinary peoples' eyes if the first thing they see (and won't watch further) is a couple of nerdy looking guys spending hours and hours closed off in a 'dungeon' behind a couple of pc screens? Or the nerdy couple that found each other over the internet playing games?
But of course I've not even seen the film yet so I would love to see it, curious if documentary-makers can actually give a 360 degrees perspective about the MMO culture and its player-base without the aftertaste. Judging from the raving press reviews it seems like they've done a decent job. They also have snippets of interviews with Nick Yee, Edward Castronova and Julian Dibbel. That's a good thing.
So, some people, bring that doc over to the lowlands!

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  1. Blogger Bryan-Mitchell | 26/8/08 03:17 |  

    Trust me, Wow players make FPS players look normal! ;-)

  2. Anonymous Z | 26/8/08 05:09 |  

    Hehe, hey Bryan-Mitchell, nice to see you here! Hmm normal to us perhaps but to the ordinary eye? I'll have a look at those documentaries you mentioned on your blog and see! :-)

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