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Fishing in WoW - a wiimote?

Sunday, August 26, 2007

It amazes me how Blizzard has managed to make a (in my opinion) boring sports, equally boring in World of Warcraft... fishing. I've tried with several characters to get some skill in fishing but gave up on it time and time again. Now however I have a goal with it, I want to get my balance druid some nice fishies to get some extra buffs on spirit and spell damage, plus you can find the occasional motes of water through fishing. I currently have a skill of 205, took me ages (I have this character since the start of WoW going live in Europe). How do people manage to not fall asleep when fishing in WoW? My eyes are hurting after only staring at the water for five minutes. But.. I got it! Glovepie should be the solution to making it less boring. Too bad I play on a Macbook, which has no glovepie yet. But look! A Wiimote and WoW, how about that?

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