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Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas to you all! I am at my in-laws home and today we got to unwrap our presents :) I had a lot of fun just wrapping the presents for the others, they were beautiful (if I may say so), almost a shame to unwrap them, should have made a picture of each of them... anyway, I got the Animatrix on dvd and Super Monkey Ball 2 for my cube! woohooo! Luv it! Too bad I haven't brought my cube with me, now I have to wait three whole days! Luckily there is a xbox in tha house so i can play some stuff on a big tv, oh yeah! (and with a great sound system...)
oh but as for the cube... I missed the opportunity to meet Jingles in Animal Crossing! mweeeh, now I don't get any presents in AC! I don't think i like the idea of real-time in a game so much anymore...

Yesterday, I was finally able to buy an Edge Retro , so now I know all the prices to buy some retro stuff, I should start saving some money, or smash the head in of my piggy bank... if I had one. I'm not that good at saving money...

oee I saw an interesting blog, haven't had time to take a good look at it but here is the link: www.incunabula.org/blog/.
Okay I should throw myself back into the festive activities (instead of throwing some stuff on here which won't be read by a soul for months, years...ever...)

Tomorrow we are going to Gourmet (is that even the english word for it?)....oh noooo my belly!! (I never seem able to stop the gourmetting thing, i always end up sitting as the only person left with all the little pots and pan's just for myself, stuffing my belly. It is amazing what a stomach can digest in one evening, hour after hour... oh I will be so happy tomorrow hehe).

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Monday, December 22, 2003

Yep it's official... My boyfriend has finished Knights of the Old Republic, Saturday night (while I was away to a birthday party of a friend of mine, yes I sometimes do have a social life ;)) He finished it with his avatar being on the light side, so after finishing the game, he started the game all over again, now trying to bring forth his dark side whoopie, wonder how much that will affect his daily life hehe. At least he does finish a game, I almost never finish any game, most of the time I play halfway through it when an other game begs for my attention, oh well that's life, my life anyway...never finish a thing...hmm should start with that bulk of papers which is trying to get my attention for soooo long...yep tomorrow! honest....

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Got the movie Labyrinth on dvd today. Great movie! Brings back memories. Has been a long time since I saw that movie. Great performance of Jennifer Connelly, loved her also in Requiem for a Dream. It is such a beautiful woman.
Anyway, Labyrinth is a wonderful movie and I wondered what happened to the babyboy in the movie. Turns out it is Toby Froud and his parents are magnificent artists, his father created together with Jim Henson (muppets!!) the film The Dark Crystal and collaborated on Labyrinth.
His mother is a sculptor and one of her most famous designs is Yoda whom we of course all know of Star Wars and she made several puppets for Labyrinth. Brian Froud also made a book with Alan Lee, Faeries, and Alan Lee we all know from his drawings of the world of Lord of the Rings, so it all comes together :D They all live in Devon a magical part of England with enough fairy magic in the air :) Nowadays Toby is an artist himself. See for work and more info about the Froud family their website: World of Froud. I love faerytales!!

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Animal Crossing

Saturday, December 20, 2003

haven't played animal crossing for a while, my boyfriend is too caught up in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic. I gave it to him as a present (although he rather had Prince of Persia and it was me actually who wanted Kotor so badly ^_^) because he likes Star Wars so much and I like Rpg's. And he has a three week vacation so he deserves to spend his well earned spare time with something other (imo) than his beloved footie game Pro Evolution Soccer. The first week we both had equal time with the xbox controller, but as it was a present for my bf and all, I soon had to give up my time in front of the telly...hmm maybe we should get another tv (but where would we place it??). Of course there is still the pc and the gba SP but sometimes I would like to spend some time in my AC town or playing all those other games that are waiting for me. Not really complaining though, my boyfriend is willing to give up his time playing Kotor, after playing it for like, oh 10 hours straight? But then we would have a dilemma.. which game will I play? Should I try to explore the beautiful landscapes of Kotor some more, kill some bad Sith and do good to the world so my lightside points go through the roof? Or should I smash some heads in with Kilik in SC2? or.. ow you probably get te picture :D

But what was I saying? oh yes, Animal Crossing. I really love my town, it's just so time consuming and most of the time I miss out on all the good stuff 'cause of other things I have to do ('you do?' you wonder and yes sometimes I have other occupations which most of the time has something to do with games, I agree. That's the beauty of studying something like New Media whoopie) okay, right, back on topic...On one hand I like the real-time thingy of AC but on the other hand... like for instance: what will I do with a day like New Years Eve? wish my friends and family happy new year two hours before the actual start of it and tell them, sorry I need the tv and my gamecube, have to wish my animals a happy new year and don't wanna miss the fireworks in my AC town..., yes of course there is a possibility to time travel but I feel that as a little bit of cheating...
And I would like to catch some rare fish, but setting my alarm to six o'clock in the morning, so I could catch that one time thing? I don't think so, or I could just play in the night till six that would be a possibility of course... But see my frustration with that time thingy of AC?
hmm enough on Animal Crossing, I will share my frustrations and ramblings on it another time, now it's time for me to go to bed, playing a little game of Pokepinball, read another chapter in Fires of Heaven and maybe dream a little of what I'm going to buy in a store full of games and gadgets :) oh how I would love to go to Japan!!

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tried some stuff out today with photoshop, I'm searching for the artist in me ;) that will be a long, long search...

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The Longest Line

Friday, December 19, 2003

wow! speaking of a line!...an apple store is opening in Japan, and all those people waiting patiently, even keeping the zebra crossings clear! The Longest Line

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first timer!

Okay my first day in the wondrous world of the bloggers as a blogger myself! Wohoot! Let’s see how long it will last :D

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