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Second Skin

Monday, August 25, 2008

Yet another documentary about players that are absorbed in virtual worlds one way or another. Somehow these documentaries always leave me with a somewhat awkward feeling afterwards. Of course I'm an avid WoW player and I feel rather normal, but these documentaries seem to have found the categories of players that are just a bit off. How will it ever be a legitimate way of spending time (like watching television, reading a book, go bowling etc) in ordinary peoples' eyes if the first thing they see (and won't watch further) is a couple of nerdy looking guys spending hours and hours closed off in a 'dungeon' behind a couple of pc screens? Or the nerdy couple that found each other over the internet playing games?
But of course I've not even seen the film yet so I would love to see it, curious if documentary-makers can actually give a 360 degrees perspective about the MMO culture and its player-base without the aftertaste. Judging from the raving press reviews it seems like they've done a decent job. They also have snippets of interviews with Nick Yee, Edward Castronova and Julian Dibbel. That's a good thing.
So, some people, bring that doc over to the lowlands!

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Prince of Persia

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trailer says it all?

Okami? Ico? Tales of ..? God of War? Have I said Okami yet?

Why... is it that the female has to be caught in his (the prince's) arms every time? She has all kinds of abilities but apparently she is the fragile female that should be caught in an embrace. Will we ever learn?


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