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"Women Working in Games" interviews

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Useful and interesting read: MTV's Multiplayer blog interviewed five women working in the game industry one way or another: G4's Morgan Webb, GGA's Jane Pinckard and others. There was a lot of reader response and Multiplayer gave the women the opportunity to respond to comments such as:

“Let’s say you’ve got someone who’s championing the cause of women in a specific industry, and she’s all about empowering women, and against their denigration. Sounds great, right? Then you look back at her own history, and find that she’s done some of the exploitative things to herself on her own, like writing an article about how she used a gaming peripheral as a sexual aid, and posting pictures of herself doing so.” (as quoted here).
Read all of it at:

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

There was some discussion about not enough information about gameresearch and different cultures readily and publicly available.
Gamescultures.org should cater to that.

"The basic philosophy behind GamesCultures.org is to share information
between researchers, and to situate it within some, particularly
geographical, social and cultural contexts."

Everyone is invited to contribute.

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