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Academic Gamers

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Looks like Academic Gamers is kicking off this academic year with a lot of posts. Good job!

Gameblogs.org is also doing well. More and more blogs are being posted on there (with the danger of not being as effective as it could be).

Lot's of things going on here, hope to be able to update this blog more often again.

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stuff part one

Friday, October 01, 2004

Things I meant to post but forgot:

Alice posted this Nutrition Facts label for video games. Quite inventive and certainly a cool idea.

Of course everyone mentioned this one so I should too ;): The article from Gamespot about Academics:
Redefining Games: How Academia is Reshaping Games of the Future

I recently (if you can call 2 or 3 month's ago 'recently') bought a couple of game research books: First Person, Videogames and Screenplay. I'm proud to have them on my bookshelf, unfortunaly no time to read...Others have said some useful things about those. quick search: Julian Kücklich on Videogames from Newman, whole conversation on/from/of First Person on Electronic Book Review (EBR) with interesting articles and responses.

so much more to say, but don't really feel like it and if i'm not going to post this now... it will be a draft forever.. so here it goes! *click*

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