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Gmail Invites

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Yep, I've got three to give away so anyone who wants to see where all the fuzz is about or just wants that 1 gig of mail space... Feel free to mail me at gmail (and put cyberzel in front) or the yahoo one provided on the right. First three will be the lucky ones...
oh and for all things gmail, utilities and such: go to Aimless Words, a blog about gmail. Some cool utilities and tools on there! Also Mark Lyon has some cool apps on his site. Think gmail notifier for in the systray and more.

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Second Person Perspective

Sunday, August 22, 2004

Not really concerned with the whole videogames and violence debate, but in the latest issue (fourth) of Armchair Arcade is an article on violence in videogames. The author makes an interesting argument with the link between violence and the Second Person Perspective nature of videogames. Second person perspective you say? Yes. He is arguing that all videogames are second person perspective and yes, that means both first person and third person games. Whereas other media like film and television have a third person perspective (the viewer is outside the action, not really participating) and not doing really well with the whole second person perspective, videogames are in essence second person perspective. You, as the user/gamer are asked to participate, it is 'the standing rule'.
(The author then notes that he is fully aware of the fact that editors of game mags and websites won't change their terminology after reading his insightful article and notes: "I doubt the editors at PC Gamer will read this article and immediately tell their writers to refer to Doom III as a Second Person Shooter" - *grin* this self-conscious statement made me laugh out loud).

He further elaborates on his argument about SPP with the notion of Aristotoles' Catharsis. Videogames is a way of playing out this catharsis en acting out violence, without severe consequences in the 'real' world. He also mentions sports with regards to experiencing competition and battle. He wonders why we shouldn´t view videogames in the same light as sports, what is seen as a positive way for channeling aggression. While I see what he means, I think sports is a more physical way to challenge aggression while videogames would be more on a psychological level. Unless of course we would have controlling interfaces which could address the more physical need of aggression (maybe I'll take this with me in my thesis). Hmm, maybe we should wonder what kind of aggression we´re talking about. Sometimes it´s enough to just yell at people and other times you would like to punch someone. I also wonder if it´s more fulfilling to see an actual person falling down after being hit or a virtual person. I´m thinking Paintball and Doom/Half-Life here. Anyway what I actually was getting at is that I think the author makes a very interesting argument and I especially like the idea of Second Person Perspective. He ends his article with a short history of violence in videogames. So what are you waiting for? Go to Armchair Arcade and read the whole article! ^_^ (it's part one btw, next issue the author will 'further delve into the topic')

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SoT & SoT

Saturday, August 21, 2004

Bought Terry Goodkind's Stone of Tears last week together with the first manga of Hikaru no Go and the latest Edge. While I was actually reading Jordan's book seven of the Wheel of Time series... I started with Stone of Tears and couldn't put it down. So in less than a week I read the nearly 1000 pages of SoT and it was wonderful. And while it has many similarities with Wheel of Time series, I feel Goodkind has built the tension somewhat better. Details but not so many as WoT. But maybe I favour Goodkind over Jordan right now because of where i am in both of the series. Can't remember book two of WoT very well. Anyway I really enjoyed reading SoT and now I should really focus on some more important business... thesis that is... sniffle.

Oh forgot to mention! I also finished PoP: Sands of Time yesterday. And finishing a game is something I rarely do. So one cheer for me! In hours the game didn't took me that long, but spread it over a couple of months, glad I finally had the courage to finish it! Hey, you think maybe finishing two things is a sign? For other stuff I still have to do? I'm on it right now! (Am I babbling? - yes...)

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Pink girls!

Yaay, pink girls! Like it! See more pink girls via link above.


(Link via Joi Ito)

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upgrades, change

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Yep they've done it! Hotmail has upgraded hotmail's storage capacity to 250 mb. Not all accounts are upgraded yet, but finally no more mail deleting on my msn account. See also this post.

Furthermore, seems like Blogger "upgrades" its services every day. From now on no more google ads above the blog but a google search for the current blog, blog this and go to another blog. It's not really blending in but oh well.. have fun!

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case coffins?

Saturday, August 14, 2004

oh yes, I did make a bold statement the other day about casemods, didn't I? Away with all the casemods I said. But that was before I visited a site of my blogroll: Wonderland. Alice has pictures up of some casemods from Quakecon. And there are some freaky mods. I totally love the award winner. Have a look!

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away with the PC mods, here comes Haro Gundam!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Ha geeks don't care about looks? How about all those gadgets (iPod is sooo stylish!), the comments on the design of the Xbox or other awful or great designs, the casemodding and so forth? Anyway, I would say: away with the casemods, let Haro take over the world! Or Mickey for that matter (though I would rather have the Haro, it can move its limbs and say phrases!).


Mickey PC

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Why you shouldn't buy 'Catwoman'

Yes, Catwoman. I like comics, I really do. I like movies too. I like games too. But really...when they try to make a comic into a movie into a game...something goes wrong, terribly wrong. It's probably a curse, an unfortunate one. And EA did it again. I've seen several reviews of Catwoman and it seems they compete with each other on how to be the most funniest one to read on one of the most crappiest game ever. I liked this one:
Catwoman Review

(and yes, for some reason I had a copy of this 'game', hadn't bought it, don't worry. But threw it into a corner after playing it for five minutes. It really is crappy *eyes popping out*. Lousy controls and even lousier camera...*sigh*)

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how about writing?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I have a couple of drafts hanging in my blogger account (some even for a couple of months), also other stuff I was planning to write, and I still mean to post them...But at the moment I'm too caught up in other stuff: preparing a course, writing newsposts for an online game mag (fortunately in my native tongue ;)), writing on my thesis, postings on several forums and a couple of other things.

Especially the newsposts take up a lot of time (at the moment anyways). Blogging is something you can do in your spare time and when you're bored with posting you just stop doing it for a while. A gamesite needs it daily updates and while I'm not alone, it still asks a lot of input. Searching for material, writing it for a somewhat specific target group, coming up with clever titles and adding to that: it has to be fun to read and to the point. Maybe it's because I'm just too picky with my own writings that it takes so much time. Or maybe I just have to find a way to fit it in my current lifestyle (or adjust that style? no way!), some kind of schedule maybe? But where is the fun in that? Don't like structure very much...

And it seems everything I do lately involves writing, a computer and also a bit of internet... Surfing isn't much of a pastime anymore, did I mention writing? (on the other hand, blogging is sort of an outlet for all the funny, happy, cool stuff on the net. But I also feel obligated to write something, which makes it less fun again...sigh). Maybe it is not such a great idea to combine hobbies and work. Hopefully I get over it soon and find a way to fit all of it in my daily schedule and grow accustomed to it.

How do other people divide their attention between things and handle these writing issues?

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