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upgrades, change

Wednesday, August 18, 2004

Yep they've done it! Hotmail has upgraded hotmail's storage capacity to 250 mb. Not all accounts are upgraded yet, but finally no more mail deleting on my msn account. See also this post.

Furthermore, seems like Blogger "upgrades" its services every day. From now on no more google ads above the blog but a google search for the current blog, blog this and go to another blog. It's not really blending in but oh well.. have fun!

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 18/8/04 17:08 |  

    hmm, it looks like i'm gonna have to be patient for a little while longer. trust them to upgrade my account at the very last :-(
    no idea why i'm complaining though (purely out of habit i guess :-P) 'cos i'm currently only using 25% of my 'old' 2MB.

    the new blogger bar is a big improvement from those shitty ads, n'est pas? and that random blog-hopping is looking to quickly become a new 'lil obsession of yours truly...


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