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how about writing?

Wednesday, August 04, 2004

I have a couple of drafts hanging in my blogger account (some even for a couple of months), also other stuff I was planning to write, and I still mean to post them...But at the moment I'm too caught up in other stuff: preparing a course, writing newsposts for an online game mag (fortunately in my native tongue ;)), writing on my thesis, postings on several forums and a couple of other things.

Especially the newsposts take up a lot of time (at the moment anyways). Blogging is something you can do in your spare time and when you're bored with posting you just stop doing it for a while. A gamesite needs it daily updates and while I'm not alone, it still asks a lot of input. Searching for material, writing it for a somewhat specific target group, coming up with clever titles and adding to that: it has to be fun to read and to the point. Maybe it's because I'm just too picky with my own writings that it takes so much time. Or maybe I just have to find a way to fit it in my current lifestyle (or adjust that style? no way!), some kind of schedule maybe? But where is the fun in that? Don't like structure very much...

And it seems everything I do lately involves writing, a computer and also a bit of internet... Surfing isn't much of a pastime anymore, did I mention writing? (on the other hand, blogging is sort of an outlet for all the funny, happy, cool stuff on the net. But I also feel obligated to write something, which makes it less fun again...sigh). Maybe it is not such a great idea to combine hobbies and work. Hopefully I get over it soon and find a way to fit all of it in my daily schedule and grow accustomed to it.

How do other people divide their attention between things and handle these writing issues?

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 4/8/04 16:07 |  

    sorry i got you into this mess ;-P

    My secret is to wake up early (8:30)... and uninstall addictive games and don't go outside...

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 5/8/04 01:51 |  

    haha, well I would have done it to myself otherwise D. Just needed that little push... so thx! :)

    Your solution wouldn't work for me I'm afraid, still so much more of a night owl and I hardly go outside anyways (only if I really, really have to *grin*). So maybe that's a solution...I have to go outside more often!

    Don't have much PC games either, maybe I should throw out all of my consoles? mwuahaha think not ;)

    No I really think I should get myself in the writing-mood again. Just haven't found a way to do that really.

    - C.

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