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E3 Booth Babes pov's

Thursday, July 01, 2004

over at Gamecritics.com an article on booth babes at the E3. But this time the author actually talks to the 'babes' and asks them how they perceive the E3 and this mob of males who are walking around scanning for booth babes trying to get their pictures taken with them.

some quotes to get you warmed up:

'I ask if she's comfortable with so many guys posing with her. "It's weird when they put their arms around me," she replies, "but then I feel them shaking and I'm like, whatever, if it's so important to you . . . it's funny when guys come up to me and tell me that it's their first time touching a girl."

And: 'She is more than happy to talk with me as we move off to one side, out of the busy aisle. "Wow, no one's ever asked us anything before," she says.'

The article itself shows that those so called babes are certainly not dumb cows (well, not all of them anyway), and they do have an opinion, some even play games themselves. Me myself wouldn't want to get caught in such scarcely clothed positions. Don't think it will do the industry much good either, except for the nerdy pimpled-face guys who actually don't get to see that much flesh in normal life (oh and how stereotyped is that?). Anyway some good conversation on booth babes at Vesterblog and some great pictures (gender) at gewgaw.

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