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childhood memories

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

OMG a friend of mine sent me a link and I finally know what the title of the series was which I used to watch when, well, I probably was in nursery school back then....All I could remember of the series till now was that it was about this little boy who had a magic bag (and believe me, I googled a lot but could never find the title...), he could get anything out of that bag, cars, planes, flowers and so forth. I don't even know where he needed that stuff for, the only thing that captured my imagination was this little magic bag (and a very trendy design I might add, very retro nowadays)
Now I could give you the title now... but I think it's more fun to see if any of you know which series I'm talking about....so let me know! (would be even more fun if my readership was a bit bigger *grin*)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 16/6/04 16:00 |  

    Hmm, i'm thinking Felix the Cat, but of course that was a cat, not a little boy...

    - b.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 17/6/04 00:14 |  

    I was gonna go with Doraemon considering your love for anime. But, he's also a sort of cat.

    .: Tore Vesterby :: vesterblog :.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 20/6/04 14:07 |  

    so uhm, are you gonna give us the answer or what?! i'm all out of ideas here & shivering with anticipation ;-)

    - b.

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 21/6/04 20:03 |  

    haha sorry for keeping the answer from you for so long, but didn't have access to the internet for a couple of days and also hoped for a little more guesses maybe ;)

    Anyway, nope it's not Felix the Cat and not Doraemon either. Doraemon has some sort of pocket where he is keeping stuff, hasn't he? And it's indeed some sort of cat, I'm looking for a boy, but you're right I do love anime! The series I am talking about is really from my childhood and from the early 80s. True many series I've seen throughout my childhood were anime or cartoons created in Japan (Robinson Family, Heidi, Candy Candy, The Wonderful Wizard of Oz etc) but didn't recognize those as such at the time.

    Did I build up some suspension here? No? oh well, you can let the shivers go now... the series I am referring to is... of course... Sport Billy!! It was produced in the USA around 1982 and initially only supposed to be broadcast in Europe. It had a total of sixteen episodes, each with a runtime of 30 minutes. It's a sports oriented (really?) cartoon which emphasize values and fair play.
    The boy Billy travels with his friends in a timeship and have to face evil Queen Vanda, who wants to destroy all sports, on their adventures. Billy can grab a tiny magic bag out of his pocket which then poofs into a bigger one and delivers the necessary sport stuff or transport vehicles. Really cool! There is not much info on Sport Billy out there so maybe what I wrote is not a hundred percent accurate, but scraped it together from several sources (including my head...)
    The sports theme didn't do much for me, the time travel and the magic bag all the more! Too bad there is not much written about the bag... Anyway, some pics over here. Some synopses over here.

    I would give the link to the site with the tv intro, but the site cannot handle much traffic... maybe you can google it or email me if you want the link :)

  5. Anonymous Anonymous | 23/6/04 12:43 |  

    oh yes, Sport Billy, i think i saw that too a few times. But i must say i don't really remember the magic bag, just the sports thing...and that scary evil queen!

    i used to watch pretty much all the other cartoons you mention as well, but up until now i never realised they were all japanese :-)

    - b.

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