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Friday, May 28, 2004

I'm off to an animecon, just going for one day but have preparations to make :D. I will update afterwards and maybe give a small recount of the day and show off my new purchases :)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 30/5/04 12:19 |  

    Have lots of fun..!! Well, ok i know it was actually yesterday that you went there, so i hope you had a great time. And yes please, post something about it, like some pics of your outfit :D


  2. Blogger Doccus | 31/5/04 04:36 |  

    Yep, sounds like fun :)

    I just recently was introduced to anime and wuxia-style movies, and am now churning my way through many of them. Go go Netflix :)


  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 31/5/04 16:51 |  

    thx! it sure was fun, writing a post on it now :)

    D, what kind of anime are you watching now? Wuxia-style movies, must confess, never heard of the term before, googled it, and I picked up that it has something to do with martial arts (which I like btw) :D Found an article on Wuxia (wonder if link will work in comment): Wuxia:)
    - C.

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