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new look

Monday, May 10, 2004

so Blogger has thrown some new features into the bloggeraccounts. I thought to play with it a little, so here it is... a whole new look. But maybe I'll change it back. I don't like change very much... I was attached to my old tweaked template and to the Haloscan comments but now Blogger has comments too... which should I use? the comments function of Blogger looks okay: it doesn't have a popup but comments go in the same screen as the posting, there are several possibilities for comments but what I don't like is people who don't have a bloggeraccount can only react as Anonymous, no place for email or your own (avatar) name or url. There is no way of editing comments, there is only delete. And when using this commentsystem I can't use Haloscan so I lose all comments before today...Difficult choice... Think I switch back to Haloscan comments (now, if only I knew how... as this templatecode is driving me crazy!).

Other new features are the possibility for seperate pages for a posting (post pages), updating your blog via email, creating a profile and showing it on your blog. Underneath it all are codes that can be machine read and are standard compliant. All pretty nifty, it's free and rather easy to use (unless you want to tweak and CSS is not really your thing) and with those new features Blogger will probably get even more users (and Google some positive feedback)...
For more info on the new features you can go to the Blogger-Relaunch page

hmmm maybe this template is a little too pinkish...but it matches perfectly well with the colors of my avatarpic, should do some tweaking 'cos of course this layout is like so many others (clicked only once on a link on the frontpage of blogger and there it was someone had already chosen this template). I should probably start again with making my own template but I am too darn lazy. And have no inspiration whatsoever. Let's see how long this template will last, maybe I'll try out some others too.

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