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DS gets...

Monday, March 28, 2005

...Katamari Damacy?! That would be freaking awesome!! Still haven't got the PS2 version, can only play the game at a friend's home (or borrow it). Got the NDS for over a month now (yes, I promised an update more than a month ago, friend of mine was able to pick up the NDS for me and take it with her from NY (I am ever grateful!) but have been very busy, and didn't find any time to write all the stuff down here). I am very happy with my Wario Ware Touched copy. But... Katamari Damacy... I can so see the usefulness of the stylus with KD. Oh how I hope the rumour will be true! See for more on it here.

World of Warcraft is still great, hope to turn 40 soon and have enough gold to buy a mount! Never got passed 29 in Beta so lots of new things to discover and explore! Even doing some trading in the Auction House. Only thing with WoW and writing my thesis is that I'm not even getting close to my consoles anymore. Only the NDS gets to see me now and then. Tales of Symphonia has fallen into a dark corner somewhere, and I'm not even aware of all the great games coming out (might be better as well, looking at my bankaccount).

WoW is a great conversation topic as well, seems like half the world is playing it! Never got that with any game. Strange isn't it? Never played online games (or PC games much for that matter). The idea of going online and play with real people scared me a bit. Even got .Hack because of the simulation of an online world, so I could feel how it would be like. How silly I was! Playing Guild Wars Beta with a friend during the E3 last year, changed my mind a bit, but was still a bit afraid of going into a party with strangers. And then... then I got to play WoW Beta... all was lost. I totally understood what a friend of mine was going through all those years with Everquest. I tried to be sensible, wanted to buy WoW after finishing my thesis, or not play at all. Then it was rumoured Wow was sold out, that couldn't be! With the new opening of a gameshop my eyes fell on the Collector's Edition of WoW! I couldn't resist....After two days of being brave I put the cd's in my PC and installed the game... the rest is history.

I thought of making my Beta character again (I loved my NE druid back then, I did recreate her, but also created a Night Elf Hunter, which resulted in me playing that character more and more. Love my pets! And bow. I play a lot with someone I met in Beta, great fun. Also tried to find some guildmembers of the beta (was such a nice bunch) but that would mean I had to play so many characters, I decided to focus on two of my chars. One on a normal server and one on a Roleplay server. On the RP server I get to play with a good friend of mine and that is awesome! There are some good RP guilds and nice events. It is great to be able to play with a friend and try out roleplaying a bit. After finishing my thesis I hope to be able to play out that character a bit more and think of some background story.... I sure do love WoW!

On a different note: my abstract for Changing Views in Vancouver got accepted! Hotel is booked, flight almost, now the only thing I have to do is... yes writing the thing. Luckily part of my thesis deals with the same subject, first finish that one.

Something different again: I got a job in a gameshop! great people, lovely ambiance and great ideas there, so I am happy. Should be less occupied with WoW in a while so I get more up to date with anything else going on in the gameworld again. And after finishing my thesis I should be able to write for that online gamemag again and create some of my own. All is well.

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