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ZX Spectrum

Friday, April 30, 2004

Got myself a ZX Spectrum (Sinclair) today, on a flee market for only 5 Euro's (well, I thought it cheap anyway). Now I have to find myself some games for it :D and try to get in to work of course. I'm glad the manual came with the ZX ow and I hope it works on my tv!

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beautiful graphics: Okami

Monday, April 26, 2004

Capcom has formed a new Japanese development studio called Clover which is 'formed to look at games with a fresh eye and to provide an environment for game creators to become masters of their craftsmanship' (gamesradar). The studio will work on Viewtiful Joe 2 and on a new game called Okami. The latter has japanese ink painting-style graphics. For screens go to Tothegame. Looking at those screens we have a wonderful gamefuture awaiting us! simply beautiful! Let's hope the studio will keep its positive and innovative way of looking at and creating games in this world of franchises and sequels

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Nes movies

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Found a great site via Slashdot. It's a site which has movies of Nes games being played in an extraordinary way. It's all about Timeattack!

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blog on women and games

Thursday, April 22, 2004

In my search on the Women in Games conference (see post below) I stumbled across the blog of Tore Vesterby (via Jill/txt): Vesterblog where he shares his thoughts on women and games for his Master degree thesis project at the IT-University of Copenhagen (those Scandinavian people sure are into gaming and research :)). Must keep my eye on that blog am curious of what his findings on the subject will be.

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Conference Women in Games

Hmmm, in June there is going to be a conference at the University of Portsmouth. The conference is called: Women in Games Conference 2004 - Two days of empowerment for women working in the games industry. Could be interesting. Maybe I should finally finish my posting with wandering thoughts on girls and games which is in draft form somewhere hidden for, ow I think, over 3 months now. :D Can't seem to get it right, maybe I should be blunt and just throw it on the blog... before it starts to make no sense at all even to me..
anyway, more information on the Women in Games conference is on the website

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chips & guns

Monday, April 19, 2004

Interesting news at Wired about a so-called 'smart gun': A chip implanted in a police officer's hand and a scanner on a gun that matches up the pair will determine if the person can use the gun (chip, scanner, match, trigger). Obviously there are some issues to be dealt with to make it work. How about when another officer needs to use it in a precarious situation? that's just one of the many questions...

What most intrigued me was the idea of a chip implanted in an officer and it not being so much of an issue. (huh? Terminator?) So much for science fiction... Of course there are years of research on this sort of thing, animals have chips in them, scientists are playing with chips, science fiction is playing around with the concept, we maybe have chips in our bank cards. Chips are everywhere. But now they're going to be in the human body itself for purposes of control and into an official body. It starts to worry me...even though I am a 'child of chaos', love new media and love cyborg theories... I just wanna keep my body. and maybe I don't trust chips that much. Or maybe i don't trust the human mind not that much... changing a purpose of a chip is probably not that difficult... can it be programmed to kill? Or am I reading too much science fiction now?

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Saturday, April 10, 2004

happy happy! Final Fantasy I and Final Fantasy II are coming to the Game Boy Advance. It will be a remake of both games with a few new extra's. Hopefully the portable compilation will make it to the USA and Europe :)

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Thursday, April 08, 2004

In the Fall of 2004 a Festival of Independent and Alternative Games will be held. The participation call is coming from UC Irvine’s Cal-(IT)2 Game Culture & Technology Lab and Beall Center of Art and Technology. It will showcase the latest independent games. The Festival will feature an exhibition, public screening of Machinima (love that :)), a conference and more. They have an impressive jury and the festival is organised by a team including Celia Pearce. For more info go to the ALT + CTRL page. They're still looking for sponsors ;)
(via Gamesnetwork list)

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people at GDC 2004

If you as curious as I am of what the people, whom I am sometimes referring to in my writings or linking to (either in postings or in the link column), look like.... take a look at Buzzcut's gallery of GDC 2004. Academics Attack!
I find it always surprising to see actual faces behind the writings :D
At buzzcut are also some postings on the GDC

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Interview co-founder Harmonix

Saturday, April 03, 2004

Over at GameCritics is an interview with Alex Rigopulos, co-founder of Harmonix. Harmonix created two of my favorite games of all time: Frequency and Amplitude (see a posting of mine on Amplitude). These games are just brilliant. The interview gives insight in the story behind Harmonix and its games and the future of Harmonix and rhythm games.

Where Frequency and Amplitude are all about: 'People didn't want to learn a bunch of new skills, so we decided to use [the gaming skills] that people already had and repurpose them onto the task of making music'. You've got to love them! It's a shame the games don't get the attention they deserve.
(via Slashdot)

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Kaneda bike

Oh wow!! The motorcycle of Kaneda from the anime Akira has now a real-life counterpart. It's a licensed model and it was on display at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show. Pictures of this beauty can be found at ITmedia
(via Slashdot)

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consoles online

An article of the Associated Press on the site of CNN on consoles and online games: Tale of two gaming worlds

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Friday, April 02, 2004

must...have....must...resist....: Apple's Powerpod.... April Fool's!! See more at Gizmodo

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