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chips & guns

Monday, April 19, 2004

Interesting news at Wired about a so-called 'smart gun': A chip implanted in a police officer's hand and a scanner on a gun that matches up the pair will determine if the person can use the gun (chip, scanner, match, trigger). Obviously there are some issues to be dealt with to make it work. How about when another officer needs to use it in a precarious situation? that's just one of the many questions...

What most intrigued me was the idea of a chip implanted in an officer and it not being so much of an issue. (huh? Terminator?) So much for science fiction... Of course there are years of research on this sort of thing, animals have chips in them, scientists are playing with chips, science fiction is playing around with the concept, we maybe have chips in our bank cards. Chips are everywhere. But now they're going to be in the human body itself for purposes of control and into an official body. It starts to worry me...even though I am a 'child of chaos', love new media and love cyborg theories... I just wanna keep my body. and maybe I don't trust chips that much. Or maybe i don't trust the human mind not that much... changing a purpose of a chip is probably not that difficult... can it be programmed to kill? Or am I reading too much science fiction now?

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