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Digimood PED

Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Nice: a mood detector and communicator (via Nechbi):

the Digimood PED 'acts as a communication enhancer, a device that senses the mood and feelings of the wearer and communicates this to another similar device using standard communication medias' and 'it helps for a more efficient mutual understanding'. (it kinda makes me think of the Empath power of Phoebe in Charmed...)
the device raises interesting questions...
it probably won't be a good idea to communicate my emotions/mood right now. makes me curious though if it can really help the mutual understanding or make people (more) annoyed. Having your feelings exposed... isn't that something we try to avoid most of the time? at least when it's a negative feeling? Also wonder how it can measure gradual differences....love and hate are worlds apart but still so close, so when is a heartbeat acceleration out of anger or excitement? We still depend on the face to face communication for the appropriate mind - set and mood so that's probably why it's supposed to be an enhancer.
Which reminds me... I should go deepen my understanding of biofeedback.

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