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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Where was I lately? Frappr is the way to go! Frappr is a mashup of Google Maps and gives users the opportunity to create (for example) a group that share an interest (like games) and put them all on a map, (where everyone/everything is geographically located) with a short description. Best of all: there is also space for photos, shoutouts, private messages and such. And best example of them all: Gamestudies Frappr!


This group gives an overview of where to find gamerelated studies and what kind of courses/universities and such there are. Hope more of those will be added soon!

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Two year

Monday, December 19, 2005

I would almost forget! But here it is, my blog's second anniversary!!! *cheers*

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Europeans can do it too!

Friday, December 16, 2005

Or finnish people actually... maybe if someone would put up a site and make photographs of europeans, we could see that we have what it takes too, but the Finn are shown right on the following webpage, Fruits Galore!:

Hel Looks

Love them
via Robin)

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Gmail still at it

The people behind gmail keep adding features to their mailprogram, and I have to say, I like it (even) better and better. Most of the time the conversation style of the mails are a clear and understandable way of reading and keeping up with your email (except when people change the subject).

The last weeks they seem to be implementing new stuff almost every day. They added auto-save (got to love that!), the possibility to view Office documents and pdf as html (very handy, as my pc's keep crashing and I'm too lazy too install Office time and time again), rss feed, a vacation auto-responder (not that I will have any vacation this year), contact groups (nice! I now have a way to put all the students for a course in one group, just one click and I've reached them all!) and last but not least: Gmail mobile!! Gmail is finally accessible via the mobile phone or any other mobile device through http://m.gmail.com. Now, sadly I don't have a mobile phone yet, that understand those kind of things. Maybe I could try it with my psp. Oh the link to all the new features of gmail: http://mail.google.com/mail/help/about_whatsnew.html

Like it!

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Geek Girls Essays cfp

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Being a girl and always battle your geekdom or revel in it? Now is your chance to put it out straight, there is a call for subs for an anthology of essays called She's such a geek.

Going to the
website of one of the authors I saw that Annalee Newitz has Totoro icons on her page, love her!!!
Charlie Anders has also a
website/blog. She has the cfp on her site as well.

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It's a Green!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

... or it's more white, really.

But the point is.. I got it! The 360 is mine! The gameshop I work for had its midnight xbox360 launch party, with dj, lots of people in anxious anticipation outside the shop and 4... yes 4! filmcamera's! Yep, the press was all around us (including the national news agency, which supplies most of the news to all media), it really was a great launch! Too bad I can't enjoy my new shiny console much, in just a couple of hours I have to be present again for the "after"party... yes, cleaning that is, and getting everything in lesser state of chaos...

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