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It's a Green!!

Friday, December 02, 2005

... or it's more white, really.

But the point is.. I got it! The 360 is mine! The gameshop I work for had its midnight xbox360 launch party, with dj, lots of people in anxious anticipation outside the shop and 4... yes 4! filmcamera's! Yep, the press was all around us (including the national news agency, which supplies most of the news to all media), it really was a great launch! Too bad I can't enjoy my new shiny console much, in just a couple of hours I have to be present again for the "after"party... yes, cleaning that is, and getting everything in lesser state of chaos...

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  1. Blogger simply not edible | 2/12/05 17:14 |  

    Congrats! Hope you enjoy it!

    Now then, when's the next launch?

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