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Is it a Revolution?

Friday, September 16, 2005

OMG! Quick thoughts here... but I think it is brilliant, yes brilliant. I mean: how can you think of a concept that has existed for years now? (No irony here) Simple but effective, a small device that can be used for whatever people can imagine. There is no need for left-handed people to think of how to "walk" with the D-Pad and I could throw away all my cool alternative controllers (nah) because the Revo controller can do it all! Just think of it! Sword fighting, table tennis, punching, cutting, drumming.. and there my imagination stops... I love the NDS for what it can do with the touchscreen, especially with music games, so I am very curious what developers come up with for the Revolution. It is probably a relieve for developers that there still is the possibilty to hang a normal controller thingy up to the "remote" of the Revolution, but think outside the box!

On a sidenote.. how the h... is Nintendo going to market the "remote" to the gaming teenagers that are used to the standard controllers and can't even think of something else?

And now I would love to try the Revo controller with a cool music game.... or maybe... just maybe an ocarina as input device for the remote so we can make our own tunes in the next Zelda? Go Nintendo, Go!

Doesn't it also look like an iPod shuffle?

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  1. Blogger simply not edible | 18/9/05 08:54 |  

    Can't wait. Importing.

    Now bring on 2006!

  2. Anonymous cyberzel | 21/9/05 21:26 |  

    Can't wait either.
    I'll come go and play with your imported revolution then, or maybe the shop will have one as well (hope so!!)

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