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Let's hear some music...!

Monday, May 30, 2005

No E3 updates from me this year. I could go on and on about the three big next-gen consoles or the beauty of the new Zelda, my wondering thoughts about the Game Boy Micro, and... but no, nothing of all that.

Working in the gameshop has directed my attention again to some cool games on the NDS. Electroplankton is one of them, which is more like an experience than a game. The art of the cover and the booklet is brilliant (even so if you compare it to most European (commercial) cover art). Playing and experiencing all the different notes and little sounds is amazing and gripping from time to time.

Another game which uses audio extensively is Daigasso! Band Brothers or Jam with the Band. I have the Japanese version, which is sometimes a bit confusing (hail gamefaqs!). Daigasso! is a mix between Dance Dance Revolution and Donkey Konga. Where Electroplankton uses the touchscreen, Daigasso lets the player use the buttons, tapping them, pressing them down in different time lengths, it gives the player the feeling that (s)he is playing a music instrument. Tunes of (to me mostly unknown) tv, wals, polka, child songs and of course Nintendo tunes like Zelda and F-Zero are on the cartridge. When unlocking pro mode there is the possibillity to make your own tunes and play those with other NDS owners. Great game, maybe more about it when having finished some articles and such.

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  1. Anonymous Robert | 14/6/05 12:30 |  

    We are, like, so totally going to jam together in band brothers when I get my version.
    Rock on!

  2. Blogger simply not edible | 15/6/05 00:13 |  

    Everyone keeps on saying how absolutely fantastic that electroplankton is. I just wish I had some money so I could come and buy it from you. (Or maybe I should try it first...)

  3. Anonymous cyberzel | 15/6/05 10:37 |  

    Hey Sne, nice to see you here!
    It might be a good idea to try Electroplankton first indeed. But ehm... when I'm back from Vancouver okay? :)

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