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New Year

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Oh my... is it 2005 already? Think I missed that part, or my blog at least. Really I should start to update blog more often, I promise I will try (again).
Anyway happy new year to this blog ;). I will not resolve to new year's resolutions, the ones from last year, well let's say I got 0,01 percent of them...
Still got to write that thesis ( I will finish it this year!) and after that, I have to find a job, which will not be easy in this current economic climate. So let's go to more enjoyable topics!

I have put a new bloglinks section up: the Dutch game initiatives. I finally decided to localize myself ;). There are some great initiatives regarding games in Holland, so I decided to put up some links to those.

I just clicked through my blogroll and noticed that I have missed out on some great stuff while not blogging: some cfp's, conferences, gadgets, game news and so forth. But I will try to keep up with it again from now on!

Here's a preview:

Lisbeth Klastrup has put her Ph.D Thesis online for only a month: Towards a Poetics of Virtual Worlds: Multi-User Textuality and the Emergence of Story. You can find it over here so go read it while you can!

Furthermore, I'd been selected for the World of Warcraft closed Beta and am now playing in the (European) Final Beta and it's seriously addictive! I will try to post some more on that later, with screenshots.

For the Vancouver DiGRA conference is a call for submissions up for an exhibition, you can read it here.
"The PoV (Point of View) Alternative Games Exhibition will focus on groundbreaking digital games and game-based projects that innovate through content, process, use of technology, interaction, expectations and audience; in short, games that refuse to rehash standard themes and paradigms".
Interesting method, a cfs... of course something that is not rarely done, but why did we not come up with that last time?

And oh my! From September 19 to 21 The International Conference on Entertainment Computing 2005 will be held in Sanda, Japan, which is according to Gonzalo close to Kobe, Osaka and Kyoto. It's in Japan, do we need more? :D And it is conveniently right after the Tokyo Game Show which runs from September 16th to 18th. So if you are in the area... (I would! If I had enough gold pieces that is...)

That's it for now, keep checking for updates dear 2 readers or so, I'll really try my best! (yes, yes, sure you will...)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 22/1/05 21:58 |  

    So you´re in WoW, that´s really really neat!! Please tell me/us readers about your experiences there.

    o and about that thesis, I share your `pain´... :D

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