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So much to blog....

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

... so little time. A lot has happened the last couple of weeks, but I have not really had time to blog about it. Meanwhile the NDS and the PSP are out and here in Europe we still have to wait *sad*. But! I have had the joyous moment of holding the NDS of this certain energetic person. I can tell you that was a happy moment. And one day, one day a NDS will be called mine and I will share lots of happy moments with friends and pictochat! And now I should find someone who has a PSP, because that too... should be in my hands! In the mean time I will try to entertain myself with the beautiful and brilliant Zelda game for the GBA: The Minish Cap. Or actually I should finally go to that endboss instead of trying to find all those Kinstones. And I have lost myself in the wonderful world of Symphonia. I have been in there for over 18 hours and it still finds ways to surprise me.
O this terrible Christmas time! too many games await me, and I have so little money (oh yes, that trip to Denmark...it cost me a fortune... but it was worth it) so I should wait for sale to start and for me to find a job which is fun and which would let the gald rolling in (in my dreams!). Free games would also be an option...anyone?

and now I should dive into Japanese (music) game culture because I have a seminar presentation (in Dutch) Friday (which is going to be fun! Pop' N Music will rule the world!). Anyone any suggestions? Of course this Power Up book of Chris Kohler would probably help a lot, unfortunately I didn't know it was out already until recently. But I certainly will try to get my hands on a copy of it. Would love to read it!

oh yes and my thesis... a deadline is on this Friday...will there be any sleep?

Coming soon: pictures of Copenhagen, ITU, little Mermaid, game researchers, MMOPG, Other Players, Early Years Ph.D course and much much more, just have to find myself a nice free gallery sort of thingy with lots of space....

and hopefully soon more updates again with gadgets, links, memes, other stuff from the blogosphere and all that kind of stuff.

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