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reminder to self

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Now at the Other Players conference (which just finished by the way) so a short update, actually it is not even an update, it's more of a reminder to self because the inspiration!! When I'm back home I will probably reflect more on this week in Copenhagen. for now: Go to Torill's blog who has been blogging about the conference: Thinking with my fingers

Her blog also pointed at the Ph.D thesis of Elena Bertozzi, which seems to be (at a glance) of interest for my own thesis. So that's the reminder to self.

More on the Early Years Ph.D course and the Other Players conference later. I'm going to enjoy the conference dinner now at the DGI- Byen.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 8/12/04 18:03 |  

    hey there!
    good to hear you're getting all inspirational over there in denmark, so i suppose you're having a good time :-) see i told you it'd be fine!!
    i'm looking forward to hearing all about the entire experience. have a safe trip back & i'll speak to you soon.

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