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A girl's links

Saturday, April 30, 2005

As soon as I have finished some writing stuff, I hope to post more often again. I couldn't let this month pass by without writing anything though, thus I added some links to my blogroll and decided to explain a bit why this specific category is added.

There was a time I was preoccupied with girlgamers. As being one myself (sort of) I saw a lot of misunderstandings about girls and games. I was ready to take on the world and everyone who said girls and games are no match. ( I think I still have a draft about girgamers somewhere in blogger). Lately I have other concerns and interests but today I stumbled upon a website of a dutch girl gamer who wants to unite the Gamer Girls (which gets me thinking, are those the girls of gamers then?). I once wrote together with others, a paper which was about the desirability of such initiatives and communities. Is it empowering? Or is it working against equality and just upholding the common views about girls and games? (this needs some working but I currently don't have the time so I will throw it out there, maybe in the near futre I will clarify myself somewhat more). I think that it shouldn't make a difference if you're a male or female to be able to play games, so why make that difference then?

But there seems to be a need for those communities, and I myself still like to know that there are more girlgamers (yes, I don't want to be alone ;)) and although I don't really want to put myself forward as a girlgamer because of what I said above, I am happy that there are those communities, so yes a specific notion of that on my blogroll. Enjoy.

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