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Sunday, June 19, 2005

Yes, there it is! Posting from Vancouver! I am currently attending the DiGRA conference Changing Views.
It is lovely again to see all the faces of actual people instead of only their papers or blogs. Lots of presentations and other stuff going on here.
Just went to the so called DiGRAve, I never understood where the -ve stood for but apparently it had something to do with a rave...unfortunately there was no rave to be found anywhere near the building where it was supposed to be, only a bunch of academics holding wine and pretzels in their hands with some music in the background. Of course it didn't help to be fashionably late again and miss out on the dancing stuff from India and more. We soon left the party and headed for the hotel again, tired. Sunday will be a long day, presentations, the conference dinner and afterwards we are probably going to check out a concert.

Vancouver is great by the way, but I have to leave it at that for now, too tired. I hope to snap some pics later this week and put it on this blog. Going to see Jim Gee speak tomorrow, I am looking forward to it! Logging off now.

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