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Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 01, 2004

Well um see above! ^_^ Oh my....; new year's resolutions, hmpf, we're all supposed to have them. I will write them down here so I can look them up occasionally... just in case... I might forget (some of them at least hehe). Okay here it goes (no particular order): play more games (even more??); more games, dvd's and books to add to my collection (yeah!); write those damn papers and finish the uni (finally...), find a job (ughh finding one, and then getting it... which one would be trickier?); kick some butt (I know I want to.. some people...) picking up sports again (right), loose some weight (mwuhahaha), visit some gameconferences (time & money?), do some fun stuff (which would be...?) do something more with games besides playing them (maybe write 'bout them? who knows...); pretending to be an intellectual (hmm that will be difficult); play more board games; finish the Jordan series (well up to where he is now) keep in touch with friends some more; learning japanese. hmm anything else? Some of them are more like wishes than resolutions.. oh well... I think this is all of what I can come up with at the moment. We'll see what the future will bring :)

any wishes? yep of course!!: going to Japan is one of them; going to the E3 another and going to the Tokyo game show yet another :D

Went to my parents and brother's hometown Tuesday so we could spend new year's eve with my brother, his wife and friends. I took some beautiful pictures of fireworks (I think I did...), people spend a lot of money just for fireworks, unbelievable, just as well, so we can enjoy it hehe. Maybe I'll put some pics up here if I can figure out how that works within blogspot.

Tuesday morning a package arrived addressed to me... wow what could that be? It was the collector's edition of Zelda woohooo! The thing you at first could only get your hands on if you'd buy a Mario Kart DD cube pack, Nintendo fans didn't like that at all (most of them having a cube already) so Nintendo was nice enough to come up with other options, so I exchanged points at the nintendo site and got it for free! Yeah!! now I can also play majora's mask, legend of zelda I, adventures of link on the cube woooot!! Happy New Year!

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