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Merry Christmas

Thursday, December 25, 2003

Merry Christmas to you all! I am at my in-laws home and today we got to unwrap our presents :) I had a lot of fun just wrapping the presents for the others, they were beautiful (if I may say so), almost a shame to unwrap them, should have made a picture of each of them... anyway, I got the Animatrix on dvd and Super Monkey Ball 2 for my cube! woohooo! Luv it! Too bad I haven't brought my cube with me, now I have to wait three whole days! Luckily there is a xbox in tha house so i can play some stuff on a big tv, oh yeah! (and with a great sound system...)
oh but as for the cube... I missed the opportunity to meet Jingles in Animal Crossing! mweeeh, now I don't get any presents in AC! I don't think i like the idea of real-time in a game so much anymore...

Yesterday, I was finally able to buy an Edge Retro , so now I know all the prices to buy some retro stuff, I should start saving some money, or smash the head in of my piggy bank... if I had one. I'm not that good at saving money...

oee I saw an interesting blog, haven't had time to take a good look at it but here is the link: www.incunabula.org/blog/.
Okay I should throw myself back into the festive activities (instead of throwing some stuff on here which won't be read by a soul for months, years...ever...)

Tomorrow we are going to Gourmet (is that even the english word for it?)....oh noooo my belly!! (I never seem able to stop the gourmetting thing, i always end up sitting as the only person left with all the little pots and pan's just for myself, stuffing my belly. It is amazing what a stomach can digest in one evening, hour after hour... oh I will be so happy tomorrow hehe).

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