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1 year! where to go next?

Sunday, December 19, 2004

supercalafragilisticexpealodious! It's finally there! the one year anniversary of this gamemind blog! Happy! I started out with this blog a year ago with no expectations of how long I would keep updating, and I'm still here! I'm not gonna give you an overview of what I have written over the past months or how this should look in the future, or maybe... maybe a layout makeover (love makeovers of every kind) and more updates again (it got a bit of an effort lately).
Blogging is fun but it is time consuming and sometimes a bit of an undertaking. It is also rewarding and a nice way to see what I've been up to in all those months. And of course it is nice to get comments on your posts and linked to from other blogs, so hopefully in the future even more of that ^_^.
Anyways, more on games, me playing games, gadgets, books and more in the future! Let's blog!

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