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Edge online

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Totally missed out on the following while wallowing in absence from this blog... The critical game magazine Edge has finally put some content online! No longer we have to search the site, mouse clutched in our hand, in a desperate attempt to find some clues on the magazine or just some plain information. Nope, no longer, they have....(drumroll)... a blog (there's even a feed)! Yes indeed, the popular format. And shame on me, it's there since December 10th of last year...

For what I have seen, it looks nice. They have a sidebar with top-jobs, so if you're interested in a job in the game industry and want a quick overview, it's the place to go. There is also categories (what madness is that!) such as Portable, Industry, Out there. And where can we find all of this? Yes: Here.

There is good stuff on it, I picked up the link to a print-out paper model of the main character of Katamari Damacy. And don't use too much glue... or you end up playing katamari damacy for real (not my joke).
(Which reminds me, I should visit Boing Boing more often again)

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  1. Blogger mjlover121 | 22/6/08 11:46 |  

    Awesome I love katamari

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