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New blogster, WoW, conferences

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I am doing very well with updating my blog huh? One post in January...

small one then today:
A friend of mine, went to the Northern Cold last week, for three months. Yes, Sweden. And to keep us posted she has her very own blog up, go there if you want to see what she's up to, written in a very witty style, and soon even pictures she promised us!: Tunnel--Vision

Another friend of mine is going to the Big Apple this week, if everything goes well, I might be the proud owner of a NDS from next week on! Oh, the happiness! I am looking forward to holding that little baby in my hands, and touch, touch, touch!

But first I have to enjoy the last days of the World of Warcraft Final Beta. I am still in doubt if I should buy the game, not because it's a shitty game or anything, quite the opposite, but as with the DS, I want to play, play, Play!! Omg, how addictive can a game be? I have to finish my thesis first before buying it (of course the money issue... is still there).

I currently am a level 25 Nightelf Druid and I just love it! Love it! The game is really amazing. Have a couple of other characters such as an Undead Rogue, Undead Priest, Shaman Warrior and others, but I think I like my Nigthelf the best. I would like to try a NightElf Hunter, they are quite popular, I think it is because of the pets they get. Well, no pet for me, I can shapeshift! Love to prowl around in Cat form. And then there is the Sea lion, a nasty quest that was, but hey I can breath under water now and swim faster than anyone! ha! Yep, luv the game. Everyone should try it once (except when there are heavy deadlines). But enough on WoW for now, I should go to bed. Tomorrow an opening of a new game company and some thesis work. (next time maybe more on WoW, in the meanwhile you can look on Thotbott.com, statistics, quest info and more, and a discussion on it at Terra Nova, and on Explorers, and I could go on and on and on....)

Oh nothing heard yet from the Changing View Gamesconference front, does it mean my paper wasn't accepted? Well, probably have to wait patiently for the answer. As soon as I know more, I will post it here.

Almost forgot: Interesting symposium coming up, February the 18th in Maastricht, The Netherlands: Innovative Game Design with speakers such as Ian Bogost and Celia Pearce.
Next day, Ian will give a lecture at a Playful extra and will show the NDS to Dutch public.

Lots of good things! (okay, so it wasn't a really short post =D)

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 4/2/05 12:22 |  

    hey there cyberzel!
    good to see you're updating again :-)
    and? any word on that digra conference paper yet? it's just that 'the other blog' seems to suggest there is. don't keep us faithful readers in such agonizing suspense...!

  2. Anonymous Anonymous | 4/2/05 12:23 |  

    ...that was me btw.
    - b.

  3. Anonymous Anonymous | 9/2/05 10:45 |  

    hehe, wow... kinda intimidating seeing my own little blog being presented in this way...must make sure to live up to the expectation then eh? tnx for plugging me, pally! ;)


  4. Anonymous cyberzel | 11/2/05 18:29 |  

    thx b, and word! but you knew that already ;)

    hehe, you're welcome, E. Don't worry about living up to it because you will anyway :D

    Nice to know both of you still coming here (and good excuse to try out the new commentsystem of Blogger ;))

  5. Anonymous b | 11/2/05 18:35 |  

    *eager to test the new system too*
    hope you don't mind me (ab)using your blog for this ;-)
    in return i promise i'll keep visiting!

  6. Anonymous Cyberzel | 16/2/05 01:50 |  

    Hehe of course I don't mind, u know me ;)

    And keep visiting! ^_^

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