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EyeToy goes Minority Report on you!

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

It is here,the future, it really is! I recently got the GameTrak with the game DarkWind.The GameTrak allows full, fast, accurate 3D movement, with no processor overhead and no delay. On the website they claim that in the near future (which is now) we can expect Minority Report-like moves. But...the GameTrak has only got Darkwind for a game for now. It is a fun game where you can box against a virtual player by moving your arms and hands, the latter wearing cool gloves which are connected to the GameTrak unit. It is fun, and gives you a workout which leaves you with aching muscles, it's still not Minority Report though.

Eyetoy innovation meanwhile is not sitting still. At the D.I.C.E Summit 2005, Dr Richard Marks spoke about the Eyetoy and new directions in interface design. And this presentation shows a promising future and features for the EyeToy. Among others is the Minority Report-like style, which is all about "retro-reflective" material which enables the user to grab onscreen photos and drag those around the screen. Another example which leads the EyeToy into a new direction is the use of the camera to really let the player interact with real-life items, your own furniture for example. It is all so exciting! Read the whole article on GameSpy.

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  1. Anonymous Anonymous | 9/2/05 11:05 |  

    oohh... so what´s next? The Jetsons? by the way I heard a nagging rumour last week that the name ´sony´ (which is a combination of the Latin ´sonus´ and the American ´sonny boy´ strangely enough) actually means ´bad purchase´ in Japanese. it was apparently settled in court that no-one should speak of this hapless connotation ever again...


  2. Anonymous Halfling | 12/2/05 19:40 |  

    wow, that's SO cool! they should have talked about that during that last playful :)

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