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Still weird font

Saturday, July 23, 2005

I really have no clue how to change the font-size of all posts all at once. Blogger managed to change it with a single click on the publish button and now it sticks. And it stinks... It really annoys me and would love to have my old font-size back. *grumble*. I will fiddle with it when I have finished that stupid old writing thingy...

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  1. Blogger simply not edible | 30/7/05 16:08 |  

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Anonymous Cyberzel | 30/7/05 16:26 |  

    Hehe I am...

    I was specifically thinking of the K, so I decided not to put it there.

    Too bad you put this on my blog, for as I didn't want to link that vb name to this one... I think I explained it to you once.

  3. Blogger simply not edible | 30/7/05 16:29 |  

    Whoops! Sorry!

  4. Anonymous Anonymous | 11/1/07 23:22 |  

    Don't know if it's still important enough, but hey:

    I found today that you can apparently universalize old post-fonts in the template, under the [div class="post body"] bit.

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