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Blog to notice

Wednesday, March 10, 2004

So i finally decided to post something again. Was in a blog depression, read others but didn't have the urge to write down something myself. Maybe because of the writing I was supposed to do for the University. Will this be the beginning of the end? probably not, it was a temporary writer's block...i hope.

Anyway I am writing now because of the joyful republishing of a blog of a friend of mine. He certainly has interesting thoughts although I don't get half of what he is writing ;-), it's definitely an interesting read. Hope he decides to make it a permanent thing cos I really think it's worth it. Anyway...enjoy Jeroen's Vortex of Reflexivity

Update: He decided not to go through with it, only private.... so unfortunately we can no longer enjoy his mind dazzling and insightful musings... hope he'll decide to start a new public blog in the future!

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