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Vib, Ribbon & Ripple

Saturday, February 28, 2004

I'm still trying to get my hands on a copy of my own of the superb game Vib Ribbon. Not the easiest thing I can tell you. In Japan the successor of Vib Ribbon has already been released: Mojib- Ribbon. That one is about a rabbit and calligraphy. It doesn't get very good reviews but seems interesting nonetheless. But Sony has already announced the successor to both games: Vib Ripple (thanks Slashdot). It's also a music rhythm game but takes pictures as input instead of your own CD's. It's not very clear to me how it works but the screens look yummy to me :). Unfortunately it asks a lot of your fundings because the game depends on photographs taken by either your mobile phone or digital camera ( I am in possession of the latter, woohoo) and a PS2 hard drive. So it's not a game for everyone. It will probably be an obscure title and for the geeks among us anyway, because of the strangeness of the game, but the hardware needed for this game will lower the number of potential buyers of the game.... and that's a shame. There is a chance that the game will disappoint in gameplay as Mojib Ribbon did according to some, but we need the innovativeness of such games.

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