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Thursday, February 12, 2004

I decided to update my links (on the right). woo there are so many! So now I have a game research /theory or related list. It will probably grow in the near future. It's difficult though, on what grounds do you decide to link to a site or not? There are so many I want to put up there, mainly because they have to do something with games and research. So the list got quite big.
The problem with such a big list with links is, that who is going to click on any of them? (yes, I would, but i'm a bit insane probably) And there are so many more great sites (not game related) out there.. do I want to put them in a 'permanent' link list? Or should I only refer to them in one of my postings? Maybe I should make a seperate link page, but then again.. who would go there? Quite a dilemma. How do other people decide on this kind of stuff?

(maybe a solution for this dilemma would be to spend less time behind my computer surfing the web...would help seeing less interesting sites!It would give me more time for other stuff too.... Because I do not only link to those sites, I want to read them myself too and surfing to other sites next to the ones I'm linking to is not helping me doing the stuff I should actually spend my time on *oops*)

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