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Dance dance revolution

Sunday, February 01, 2004

Some thoughts on the game consoles, the dance mat and dance games... I love dance dance revolution, finally Europe catches up with the US and Japan by releasing some dance games as well. They were hard to find a couple of years ago but now they seem to release a dance game every month... They' re not called Dance Dance Revolution (DDR) though, over here they like to call them like dancing stage something. Played a 'real' DDR game only once, on a festival. Don't know why but I think that maybe the DDR games are better, although these Dancing Stage thingies are also released by Konami, hmm it's just a feeling... (they'll probably get better 'cos european gamers are picking up on it)

Would be great to have one of those dance pads which is made of metal! Too bad they don't sell them here but they do on the website of Cobaltflux!! Looks like I have to save up a bit (might as well forget about it then hehe)

I would love to have some DDR -events over here, but don't know where to look, and I would probably be too nervous to perform in front of all those people....I did it a couple of times but it went all wrong :(, but maybe that was because it was in class, with 'serious' people looking at me. I can still advice it though ;)
(Oh. surfed a bit and now see that there was a European DDR tournament in London last week! Damn i missed it!! )
it's good for your health too.. wanna lose some weight? just put on your dancing shoes and step on that dancemat! Like Tanya did: Get up and move

but back to the competition....no, (big) crowds and me doing dancing steps is not working really well, and i'm so great when I'm home alone!! haha. But yeah it really is a fun game, actually all rhythm games are absolutely fantastic! The Bemani line of Konami is wonderful on Bemanifever you can find a whole list of the games they released.

DDR is real popular, there are plenty of sites on the web, just google some and you might even find stepcharts :D
And even CNN has an article on it: New video games exercise more than thumbs
Xbox hopped on the bemani bandwagon too and has recently released Dance Dance Revolution Ultramix it is even compatible with Xbox Live so you can compete online and dance your butt off!! Ain't that great??!

hmm this is not the coherent piece about DDR which I had in mind... well maybe next time... enjoy the links!

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