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another conference

Tuesday, January 20, 2004

While searching for material and literature for one of my papers I'm trying to write, I stumbled upon an interesting site of a conference in Melbourne, held last year. It's of the 5th International Digital Arts and Culture Conference. The site is actually a blog (movable type) where good use was made of all of its functions (for as far as I can see). It is really a great idea, to use a blog as conference site. Having been involved in organising a conference myself, it is fun to see how others organise such a thing. The blog was used for giving information, letting people comment, letting future participants & visitors register, showing the process of organising a conference, creating some sort of community sense beforehand etc. I think it is great! It's much less static than having a 'normal' website (even if there would be a forum). Afterwards everone can look back and see the process and progress of the conference and the views and reflections of participants and organising team. Yes I admire the format. Oh and why I actually wanted to put this on this blog was for the great submitted papers they put online for everyone to read... so here is the specific link Abstracts ||Digital Arts and Culture::2003

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