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OMG!--> Amplitude :S

Sunday, January 11, 2004

OMG, okay so I finally got Amplitude for the PS2, I was totally addicted to Frequency and I had to have the sequel to it, so Amplitude has taken its rightful place in my gamecollection. When playing Frequency I amazed myself often by getting some complicated patterns right. My fingers where doing sometimes stuff on their own without my mind interfering, talk about reflexes...so I thought I did all right in scoring. And now I have Amplitude, I really can't say if it's easier or not than its predecessor. I do think Frequency is slightly more fun because of its hexagonal view.

Amplitude has 4 different difficulties: mellow (easy), normal, brutal and insane. I started with Normal and not Mellow because I played Frequency so many times before, so I thought I would do all right. Normal wasn't that difficult so I went to Brutal, but Brutal is quite difficult, I still manage to amaze myself sometimes looking at my fingers and the patterns but I do have difficulties finishing a song in this mode (not all of them, some are real fun doing) anyways I was thinking how other people would do with this game, I don't have network play for the PS2 yet so I looked for Amplitude scores on the internet.. and I found them.... and I am ashamed... pretty high my scores huh? well I have a long way to go if I would ever like to compete with those guys... I can't see how you can possibly score 5,021 points in Brutal mode with the song of David Bowie, I didn't think you could even finish songs in Insane mode (although I did think that with Frequency too and I succeeded in finishing the expert mode (=like Insane) or well almost finishing it, I managed to complete all the songs but one, after hours and hours of playing). But there they are, all the scores of people all over the world and they completed songs in Insane mode and look at the scores!! You do have to proof it so people take pictures of their scores as you can see for example over here but it is freak'n unbelievable! How do they DO that??!!

I think you have to play under perfect circumstances, in perfect condition and state of mind when you want to play the game in insane mode, even in Brutal mode...nice warm (but not too warm!) surroundings, flexible fingers, fully awake, no alcohol, enough breaks (for your fingers, your eyes and your frustration) and then maybe then you will reach a perfect yin and yang sort of state for body and mind in where you can try to complete songs in insane mode..oh what the hell, I just get too nervous when knowing I have to get a pattern right because if I don't I won't get that high score or won't be able to complete the song. It's weird but I do get nervous and then it all goes wrong ... :( Maybe I have to try harder? So if you don't see me posting for a while...I'll be trying to get those scores right and trying to do some insane stuff with fingers, controllers and that one game...

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