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Pixel art

Sunday, January 25, 2004

Oh I just love the work of eboy!! Their pixel art is just amazing! I would love to make an avatar of me in pixel art style. Maybe I'll try it one day :D. You can take a look at Eboy's work by clicking this link

Another site with pixelart I came across is Pixelation, a forum community where everybody can share his or her work and thoughts on (each)other('s) work.

ow and I tried to make sort of an avatar for/with a banner for Haloscan, it's kinda crappy (it's nothing like pixel art btw) but hey it was a first try :D, not to mention the fact that it was made on a laptop with the touchpad [mouse] (oeee how I want a Wacom tablet!!), have a look at my fantastic banner by clicking one of the comments link beneath every post and uhm you can comment on it too, if you like, but ehm, please be nice ^_^

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